Here’s a scary question. What would we do in a Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s easy to say stock up on Insulin in the early days but Insulin doesn’t have a long shelf life when left unrefrigerated, even when stored in cold temperatures it’ll last you a few years, but by that time you’ll have probably ran out.

So what would we do?

We could go for a low carb/no carb diet. That way would increase the likelihood of having constant hypos, but I imagine it’s a lot easier to carry a steady supply of glucose-rich foods or drinks or just sugar than try and produce your own insulin!

How would we test our blood? From what I know the only way to do it without a meter is to go and get a meter! If you’re like me, you may have acquired about 300 free meters, so as long as you can carry a supply of meters you should be fine! What if you don’t have a meter? It’s probably a good idea to calibrate yourself every now and then by having no carbs and exercising, hopefully you’ll be able to tell when you’re having a hypo.

Most of this assumes that the apocalypse isn’t that bad for you. Maybe you’ve found yourself untouchable ground with loads of food?


What would your plan be?




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